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The McGill Technical Sales Club (MTSC) is not just an ordinary new club at McGill, but the first of its kind in Canada. Although engineering degrees are focused on the technical aspects of the content, it is common for students in these programs to start a career in a non-traditional field, while still applying their theoretical background. The primary objective of the MTSC is to bring awareness to a career that many engineering students at McGill have not been exposed to. The field of technical sales, or sales engineering, is a lesser known subset of engineering which has gained more traction in recent years. Technical sales involves building professional relationships, finding opportunities, and communicating technical knowledge effectively. Sales engineers are a fundamental aspect of any organization that creates engineering solutions, be it softwares, chemicals, or equipment.


With a diverse team of seven Managing Partners and eight Associates, MTSC strives to create a community involving the McGill student body and companies from technology and manufacturing industries. MTSC is a student-run organization that targets students who want to apply their technical background while concurrently developing their interpersonal skills. This will be achieved through hosting podcasts, workshops, and case competitions to shed light on this potential career path with direct involvement of industry professionals.

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